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Art of Care

04 juni 2017 - 16 juli 2017

Art manifestation in the Amsterdam Forest,
June 4 through July 16, 2017

Cure Park is a contemporary health resort that will pitch its tents this summer among the trees of the Amsterdam Forest.

As we all know, nature and fresh air possess healing powers. But what social, psychological or environmental factors influence our health as well, without our being aware of it? How can we improve the quality of care and welfare, for ourselves, others and our environment? Centered around the Bos Theater, Cure Park brings together artists, audiences and care professionals to address these questions in a multidimensional program, comprising installations, experiments, interventions, workshops, exercises, lectures, performances and films.
The societal debate on professional care is often dominated by issues related to organization and finance. Cure Park intends to break this trend. We will, for example, look at other cultures, religions and eras. The way you want to receive, give and organize care is after all determined by your world view. What would it be like if we traded places in our care relationships in order to experience first-hand what it is like when the shoe is on the other foot? How would and could we then change the way in which we engage with others and the world?
Cure Park creates a physical and mental space for fundamental life questions. How do I want to give birth? How do I want to die? How do I experience sexuality? Where is that fine line between mental illness and creativity? How do I train myself mentally? How do I take control of the care I (will) need? How do I, as a city dweller, survive in nature? Cure Park is the place to exchange experiences, knowledge and stories. We will search for new treatments and rituals, but we will also examine the underlying causes of our discomfort.

Art and culture contribute to the quality of life, to meaning and purpose and social participation. Conversely, issues concerning care spark artists’ imagination and inventiveness. Cure Park brings together over 30 artists, researchers and creative minds in an event which constantly switches from the mundane to the abstract, from (the limitations of) reality to the imagination of new possibilities. Through the playful combination of experience and discovery, of observation and exploration, Cure Park brings the subject of care back to the shared public space.

Mark Bain, Council (Myriam Lefkowitz, Valentina Desideri & Lendl Barcellos), Claudia van Dijk & Arden Rzewnicki, Circus Engelbregt & Marjolijn Zwakman, Helena Grande (film programme), Jasper Griepink, Lina Issa (Samenschool), Saskia Janssen & George Korsmit (Rainbow Soulclub), Tellervo Kalleinen & Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen, Job Koelewijn, Suns and Stars in collaboration with Emmeline de Mooij & Marjoca de Greef, Shana Moulton, Ruchama Noorda, Rory Pilgrim, Abner Preis, Print the Future, Katerina Šedá, Floris Schönfeld in collaboration with Miša Skalskis & Bruno Bocanegra, Cathalijne Smulders, William Speakman, SulSolSal, Karel Winterink, Louwrien Wijers & Egon Hanfstingl.

Cure Park is conceived and initiated by TAAK and Circus Engelbregt. The manifestation is developed by TAAK, in cooperation with the Amsterdam Forest and the Bos Theater. Cure Park is sponsored by BankGiro Loterij Fonds, Mondriaan Fund, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Frame and VSB Fonds. Collaborative partners: Cliëntenbelang Amsterdam, the Sandberg Instituut, VUmc, Stichting de Regenboog, Movisie, the Bosmobiel and Onvergetelijk Stedelijk.

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