• Over een week... vertrekt het #CarnivalOfTheOppressedFeelings van de Bijlmerbajes naar de Dam.…

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  • 28 okt marcheren 5 partijen door #Amsterdam die de ‘monsters’ verbeelden die vluchtelingen tegenkomen, zie ook…

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  • We zoeken nog kostuumdragers voor het #carnivaloftheoppressed op 28 oktober. Interesse? Mail naar:

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What is TAAK

‘One of the foremost tasks of art has always been the creation of a demand which could be fully satisfied only later’ Walter Benjamin

TAAK is an international platform that develops innovative art projects and educational programmes relating to social issues such as ecology, urbanisation, social design and human rights. TAAK places topics of public interest on the agenda and develops innovative strategies and perspectives for a changing world. Art and culture shape and express values that can unite different groups in society. By using art to mobilise artists, commissioners, citizens and organisations around specific themes, TAAK investigates how new types of social initiatives and citizenship may arise. TAAK.Make and TAAK.Learn TAAK has divided its activities into two areas of focus: .Make develops artworks commissioned by, or in collaboration with partners, while .Learn develops educational activities and new forms of knowledge transfer. More about .Make and .Learn.

Palace Ruin van James Beckett op de Zuidas
Opening van Cure Park in Amsterdamse Bos
Portscapes 2 op de Maasvlakte 2
Op handen gedragen van Job Koelewijn op Museumplein